Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dr Najeeb's Foundation Course!

What is Dr Najeeb's Foundation Course?

It is a concept oriented medical teaching program created by Dr. Najeeb. This course is not only designed to help students achieve higher grades but to also develop a for a Rock Solid Foundation for a Lifetime Medical Practice.

Dr. Najeeb is passionately teaching medical sciences from last 21 years and has delivered more then 40,000 hours of Live Lectures.

Dr. Najeeb has a video library of more than 500 DVD's on basic medical sciences and he is constantly updating them everyday. Each video lecture contains Color Rich Diagrams which help students visualize complex medical concepts .

Excellent For Visual Learners!

We encourage students to take this program as a supplement to their classes. This will not only help you pass your classes with excellent grades but will it will also place solid foundations for your ongoing medical education.

We greatly encourage you to learn medicine by concepts rather than cramming.

How Can You Evaluate The Program Before
Signing Up?

Dr. Najeeb offers many hours of sample video lectures on various subjects so that you can see how skillfully Dr. Najeeb clarifies and integrates complex medical concepts and puts them down as lasting knowledge in your mind.

You can also attend his FREE LIVE LECTURES to see how passionately he teaches.

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